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Having A Smaller Wedding? Don't Forget The Bar!

We (as in literally everyone) have been through a lot the last couple of months, haven't we? From people losing their jobs, to businesses being forced to shut down, to parents becoming homeschool teachers overnight, to families being shut out from seeing their loved ones in nursing homes; it's been a complete sh*t show to say the least. When all of this started and I was working through all of my brides who were going to have to reschedule their weddings, I started thinking about ways that I could accommodate them IF there was a chance that they had to scale down their wedding, un-invite some guests (yikes), or decided that a mid week, intimate wedding was going to have to replace their initial big, weekend one.

I then decided, why don't I make this a permanent thing? People are getting married every day of the week, right?! I never want to limit our services to weekends only. We've done corporate parties and private parties during the week, why not extend that to weddings as well? So in short, we are!!

We are now offering Micro Wedding Packages for $600. This package is perfect for the couple who is getting married any day from Monday through Thursday, is planning for a guest list that does not exceed 50 guests, and still wants to have an unforgettable bar that will ensure their guests have an unforgettable time.

We'd love the opportunity to serve you and 50 of your favorite people in an intimate atmosphere, with all your favorite drinks.

If you are planning a week-day wedding, reach out to us via email ( or by phone (405-875-7218) to get all the details this package includes! And as always, if you're planning any other private party other than a wedding, we do those too!!

Cheers Friends!


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