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Hi There! I’m Sarah, and that handsome man next to me is my husband and best friend, Donovan (or just Don). We’ve been together for a little over 10 years, and married for a little over 2 years. I like to say I’m the visionary behind this dream, and he is the man who made (and continues to make) my dream come to life. I’m certain that without his help building Josie (and the fact that he never once doubted my newest crazy idea), I would not have been able to start this new journey. I mean just look at that cute caravan! - it literally is because of my hubs and his amazing building skills.

Josie was the product of a newly wed wife who was having post wedding blues (ahem, me 😬) back in 2017. After planning our own wedding, we realized just how much we LOVED weddings and how great it would be to get to be apart of such special days for others. I had recently fallen in love with these little vintage campers, so putting the two together, I just knew that Oklahoma needed a new and unique way to experience a mobile bar at weddings, parties, and all sorts of events. Out of that, The Tipsy Caravan was born!

With that said, I can assure you that The Tipsy Caravan was not only built with tears and sweat and lots of late nights, but most importantly, an absolutely immense amount of love. We have a love for this caravan and our mobile bars that we desire to share with others, we have a love for people and the events that bring their family and friends together, and we most definitely have a love for mixing up some yummy drinks to keep the party going! We hope that you will continue to follow our journey and continue to get to know us. And of course - We hope you will consider booking us for your next event!

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